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Fitness, Dancing, Healing For Better Health and Wellbeing

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Classic Nia®

Nia® Moving To Heal

Ageless Grace

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With years of teaching experience students will gain knowledge while they heal and get fit!

Can you imagine having FUN too?  

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Your Success and Choices Are Up To You

We understand that adapting new fitness and health habits can be challenging and often times fails. 

Enjoy a new way of moving your body that also exercises your brain while getting fit and healthy! Make personal fitness choices that are right for you, and yes adapt or modify moves if you need too! 

Come discover Nia®, Ageless Grace and more! Believe it or not, exercise and feeling good can become a part of your daily practice. Believe it or not, your body will miss taking classes when you're away! 

Looking for a fun fitness class that will improve your health and wellbeing?

Join us at The Vine Studio location in Charlotte, NC!

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